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Go to the carnival – it will be disastrous fun!

May 19, 2022

Just think, four years have passed and now, at last, the Lund Carnival is here again! This year it will be no good at all – at least if you believe the programme. This year it is the Catastrophic Carnival, and the time is right to celebrate misunderstandings, faux pas and blunders. We think it sounds like a perfect carnival for these times, and not something you want to miss. Take the opportunity to once again experience Sweden’s best student carnival, 20–22 May in Lundagård!

As part of the AF Family – Akademiska Föreningen, AF Borgen, and AF Bostäder – AF Bostäder is Lund students’ own housing company – and a natural part of student life in Lund. And that’s why AF Bostäder, just as in previous years, is a sponsor of the 2022 Lund Carnival.

“Coming to Lund to study at Lund University means far more than fantastic conditions for enriching studies and lifelong learning, and the start of an exciting professional career,” says Henrik Krantz, CEO of AF Bostäder. “The AF Family and student life with all its associations, leisure activities, cultural events, traditions and antics, offer a rich social life with unlimited creativity, where you find like-minded people and friends for life, and have a lot of fun.”

“We are here for the students, they are our clients, and the importance an attractive student life has for a university city cannot be overstated,” says Henrik Krantz. “It is self-evident that a housing company at the heart of student life supports Sweden’s best student carnival!”

Ever since 1894, Lund students have organised a carnival every four years. The last time, over 400 000 visitors came to Lundagård, and there will probably be at least as many this year. The theme this year is Catastrophic Carnival, as a tribute to misunderstandings, faux pas and blunders. Visitors can, among other things, make some disastrous acquaintances with Katastrofala Kali, Destruktiva Dante and Påhittiga Pandora.

“The Lund Carnival is not just the most enjoyable thing in Swedish student life, but also one of the most enjoyable experiences in life,” says Henrik Krantz. “Over the years, Lund’s student life has developed many of Sweden’s best writers, comedians and artists. Take your friends and family and see the next generation of entertainers, experience the carnival procession and amusements, and enjoy the carnival buzz.”

“We already promise, of course, to support the 2026 carnival. We would also like to take the opportunity to send our thanks to all the students and those involved in the carnival. It is thanks to you that Lund is Sweden’s best student city!”, concludes Henrik Krantz.