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AF Bostäder still at the top, according to the students

July 11, 2022

Every year, AF Bostäder and the student housing sector carry out the customer satisfaction survey “Nöjd Studbo”, in which the students get the chance to state opinions about their housing and landlord. This year’s SKI score of 75 represents a reduced fall compared with the previous year, but the students again rank AF Bostäder at the top among the major student housing companies in Sweden.

AF Bostäder’s vision is to be Sweden’s best student housing company and the annual SKI customer survey forms the basis for the company’s initiatives regarding housing quality. The students’ feedback is important, and all suggestions and viewpoints received are valuable in the continuing work on improvements.

Previously, the customer satisfaction survey was sent out once a year to a selection of tenants. From 2022, the survey is sent out every month instead, giving all tenants the opportunity to have their say about their housing. The questions have been updated and the scope has been somewhat reduced.

The survey responses are broken down and analysed according to each housing area and unit with an aim to identify more aspects to improve. All answers and comments are carefully reviewed and followed up internally, so that everyone at AF Bostäder is well-informed about the students’ wishes.

Results in brief

  • On the Ambassadors’ Index with a so-called Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 61, the students place AF Bostäder at the top in the sector, something everyone at the company is very proud of. The average score for the other student housing companies that take part in the survey was 38.
  • On the question of whether the students are satisfied with AF Bostäder as a landlord and think the company lives up to expectations, the result was 75 (national average 71, scale 1–100).
  • Security in the housing areas is a high priority for both AF Bostäder and the students. The result of 4.6 (average 4.2, scale 1–5) is therefore very pleasing.
  • The temperature and kitchen equipment standard at accommodation received a lower score, but the results show considerable variation between different housing areas.
  • Cooperation works well among those living on a corridor, which has a considerable bearing on well-being and the result was 4.1 (national average 3.4, scale 1–5). Further initiatives are needed in order for the students to think it is sufficiently clean and fresh in the shared corridors, result 3.4 (national average 2.8, scale 1–5)
  • The students gave higher scores for access to laundry times and cleaning of laundry rooms. Stairs, entrances, lighting, socialising areas etc. received good scores.
  • High scores were also given for interactions with AF Bostäder, the website, fault reporting, information and handling of matters. Very gratifying!
  • The perception of housing as good value in relation to the rent had a score of 3.5 (national average 3.4).

The results are based on responses received during the period January – April 2022.