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Three questions to Max, the new Bomb

September 15, 2022

Every year, we are happy to welcome a new residence representative - shortened "Bomb" (a student elected representative) to AF Bostäder. Max Lundberg is the Bomb in autumn 2022 and spring 2023.

Hi Max! What do you think will be the most fun during your year as a Bomb?

I am most looking forward to the insight into AF Bostäder's work and Lund's dizzying student life. Bomben is involved and collaborates in several parts of AF Bostäder's operations, from the board to sustainability projects. It is exciting to work broadly with such a major player in student life as AF Bostäder. At the same time, I am active in the Academic Association (AF) as one of its presidencies. This also entails a deeper insight into student life and the student housing issue. All in all, I'm very happy and looking forward to spending the next year as a Bomb!

What do you think about the housing situation in Lund for students?

Getting a home can be stressful, but it works out in the end! AF Bostäder tries to make the situation easier for those looking for housing with everything from a novice lottery to simpler processes. In addition to AF Bostäder, other actors operate in Lund that offer accommodation, one of these is the student nations. In the end, it is usually possible to get accommodation in Lund, even if it temporarily means sleeping on someone's couch or being a resident. My best tip is - Take a step back and breathe!

Do you have any tips to give to the students who live at AF Bostäder?

The students who live at AF Bostäder have access to more than just their corridor room or their apartment. The housing areas have several common areas where you can hang out with friends and meet your neighbors. It's a good opportunity to get to know students outside your education - Take advantage of it!