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Corridors at Delphi are being rebuilt into smaller ones

Delphi has over 1000 corridor rooms in 100 student corridors. Most of the corridors have 5–12 tenants, each with a shared kitchen and living room. There are four remaining larger corridors with nineteen tenants each.

To increase the well-being and security of our tenants, and at the same time streamline the administration, the last larger student corridors are now being rebuilt to a smaller size. Fewer tenants per corridor generally mean a calmer living environment, better study peace, and a greater opportunity to get to know the neighbors. Also, the kitchen will be refreshed.

Addresses affected

Magistratsvägen 55
X 1012 – 1020
X 1112 – 1120
X 1212 – 1220
X 1312 – 1320
Y 1001 – 1010
Y 1101 – 1110
Y 1201 – 1210
Y 1301 – 1310

Practical info

The existing corridors are being rebuilt into two smaller corridors. The current surfaces for kitchens and living rooms are adapted so that the new corridors have their own kitchen and living room.


The work will be carried out in the summer of 2022. A more precise schedule will come as it approaches.


The work can occasionally involve noise.

For a limited time, the kitchen will be closed. Students will then have access to a replacement kitchen.


If you have any questions, please contact assistant project manager Therese Månsson,, +46 (0) 46 19 15 81.

Latest update October 11, 2021