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Male student riding a bike wearing a Hövding helmet

Discount on Hövding

Tenants at AF Bostäder get a 15% discount on Hövding 3.

About Hövding

Hövding's history started as a degree project in Industrial Design at LTH in 2005 and today Hövding is classified as the world's safest head protection for cyclists, 8 times safer than traditional bicycle helmets.

Hövding 3 is an airbag for cyclists that you wear around your neck in the shape of a collar. In the event of an accident, the airbag inflates and forms around the head and neck as a protective hood.

Hövding comes with a black base shell that protects against dirt and wear.

Hövding 3 can be updated via an included mobile app so that you always have access to the latest software.


  • Hövding may only be used for cycling on a standard two-wheeled bicycle in an urban environment and on a country road.
  • Hövding is approved for persons over 15 years of age with head size (circumference) 52–59 cm (20.5–23.2”) and for neck measurements up to 45 cm (17.7”) in circumference.

Learn more about Hövding 3 at the Hövding webpage.

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Latest update December 10, 2021