Subtenant information

Welcome to AF Bostäder as a subtenant! Here you can find useful information about your student accommodation.

Broadband connection

Broadband is included in the rent, more info here>>.

Fault reporting

You can make a fault report on the website, from the day your subletting period begins. Contact information to the caretaker can be found on Your pages

Book a laundry time

You can book a laundry time on the website from the day your subletting period begins. You can always book a laundry time with your key tag on the booking board near the laundry room. 


Cleaning tips för your student housing or for the common corridor cleaning, can be found here>>.


Sort your waste in the waste station or bulky waste station on your student housing area. Information about waste sorting, can be found here>>.

Don’t block fire escape route

Entries, stairwells, corridors, and basement corridors are all escape routes, and so the storage of prams, cycles, or other items in these areas is strictly prohibited.

Home insurance

It is important that you agree with the primary tenant about the home insurance coverage.


It is important that you agree with the primary tenant about the rental payment. Only the primary tenant can find info about the rent and rental notice on the website. 

Latest update November 8, 2019