Have you got vermin in your room or apartment? Report it immediately. Sanitization is free of charge.

Contact Anticimex and report any occurrence of vermin in your room/apartment or in the student corridor. Sanitization is free of charge for you as a tenant.

  1. Call the Anticimex Customer Service on 0771-40 11 00 (opening time Monday-Thursday 07:30 - 18:00, Friday 07:30 - 16:00). 
  2. Tell them you live with Stiftelsen AF Bostäder. State your name and your complete address (street and room/apartment number , eg, Ulrikedalsvägen 8 A1113).
  3. Describe the vermin in an much detail as possible. On Anticimex webpage there are pictures that can help you to identify the type of vermin.

Latest update December 1, 2020