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Good chance for new students to get student housing in Lund

July 17, 2023

The new Lund students, known as novisch students, received their letter of acceptance last week. Over 2500 of them have now joined AF Bostäder's housing queue for novisch students, which grants priority access to approximately 900 student accommodations.

The priority access for novisch students means that most of the available housing during the summer is reserved for novisch students coming from locations outside Skåne. To ensure equal opportunities for everyone in need of housing, the priority spots are determined through a lottery system. This lottery has now been conducted.

This year, 2550 novisch students have chosen to join the housing queue and participate in the lottery, slightly fewer than last autumn. More than 40% of the applicants are international students. The ambition is to offer 900 accommodations to the new students, which is more than previous years. The exact number depends on the availability of vacated housing.

"The chance of securing your own accommodation for the start of the autumn semester is better than in many years", says Claes Hjortronsteen, Rental Manager at AF Bostäder. "Additionally, many students choose to save their queue positions for later opportunities."

AF Bostäder is happy to highlight other actors who also contribute to solving the housing situation for new students. Student-driven BoPoolen helps hundreds of students find private accommodations in Lund. Several nations also prioritize novisch students. Many international students are also offered accommodations directly by Lund University.

"Together, we address the housing needs and contribute to making Lund an attractive study destination in Sweden and the world", says Claes Hjortronsteen.

AF Bostäder works towards meeting the long-term housing needs of Lund students.

"Our ambition is to initiate construction every year", says Claes Hjortronsteen. "Currently, the move-in process is underway at the newly built Pireus on Kämnärsrätten, accommodating over 300 students. In the same area of Lund, Rhodos and Troja are also under construction, offering housing for an additional 650+ Lund students within a couple of years."