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Complete rules

Here you will find the complete rules regarding exemptions from the study and membership requirements.

AF Bostäder rents out housing to active Lund students who fulfil the study and membership requirements. However, in certain cases an exemption from these requirements may be granted.

From the Housing List and Rental Conditions

§ 11 An exemption from the study and membership requirements may be granted for one semester. The requirements are to be fulfilled both before and after the exemption period.

§ 12 Other exemptions from the study and membership requirements are decided by the Housing Board.

Common requirements for an exemption and other exemptions

Regardless of whether you are requesting an exemption or other exemptions, the following requirements are to be fulfilled:

  • An application for an exemption can be made direct via the AF Bostäder website. Applications for other exemptions are normally to be sent by post to the Housing Board.
  • An application may be submitted at the earliest six (6) months before and at the latest six (6) months after the start of the period applied for.
  • An application must always refer to whole semesters.

Exemption (§ 11 Housing List and Rental Conditions)

A rental relationship cannot commence or conclude with an exemption. New students who are registered for studies that correspond with the study and membership requirements, but who fail to fulfil the requirements during their first semester as a student and housing applicant or tenant are, however, granted an exemption.

Other exemptions (§ 12 Housing List and Rental Conditions)

The assessment of applications for other exemptions is restrictive and based on the circumstances relating to the specific case. The reason that is stated and verified is to be understood as imperative and the period in question has been decided. The following reasons are usually sufficient for the granting of other exemptions:

  • Compulsory military service within the Swedish Armed Forces on presentation of a call-up order.
  • An unbroken period of parental leave for up to two children from the first day of verified pregnancy benefit or verified birth and until the child is one-year old.

Regarding decisions on other exemptions, unutilised exemptions are always used first in accordance with § 11 of the Housing List and Rental Conditions.


Latest update December 7, 2023