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Housing Board

AF Bostäder’s Housing Board (Bostadsnämnd) assesses individual housing applicants’ and tenants’ needs for various priorities and exemptions from the Housing List and Rental Conditions.

The Housing Board’s assessment is restrictive and therefore a special reason is required for each granted priority and exemption from the Housing List and Rental Conditions. According to the Housing List and Rental Conditions, existing possibilities must be exhausted before the board can assess an application.

An application can be made at the earliest one semester in advance and it must be complete to be assessed by the board. Otherwise, it is dismissed. There is often a large amount of documentation and certification that needs to be enclosed. If you have a medical reason for your application you must, for example, enclose a doctor’s certificate from the treating physician, including a medical diagnosis.

Please note that difficulties in obtaining or retaining accommodation never constitute a sufficient reason for exemption or priority.


Latest update March 5, 2024