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On Kämnärsvägen in northern Lund, AF Bostäder is implementing one of Sweden’s biggest investments in student housing. Here, a long-term sustainable district is emerging, consisting of six innovative quarters along Campuskilen, a connecting thoroughfare for pedestrians and cyclists with green spaces, activity areas, and places to socialise. Now we will soon start the construction of Troja, the last new construction project in the area.

When the sixth and final quarter Troja is completed, we will have doubled the student housing available along Kämnärsvägen, halved the energy consumption and created a long-term sustainable city district in which students and Lund residents can have a good future.


  • Demolition of old houses: September 2022 - February 2023
  • Construction work starts: January 2024
  • Tenants move in: January 2026

The times are preliminary and may be subject to change.

Facts about Troja student housing

  • Developer: AF Bostäder
  • Housing area (residential floor space): 9 300 sqm
  • Number of apartments: 290
  • Number of residents: 400
  • Apartment type: One room apartments and apartments for 2–3 friends
  • Overall contractor: Nimab
  • Architect: Mooi arkitekter
  • Address: previously Kämnärsvägen 57–69 (odd number)

Accessibility and parking

At the Delphi housing area (west of Kämnärsrätten) there are two car parks along Delfinvägen both north and south of the gym facility, Actic Delphinenbadet. If you have a parking permit for Kämnärsrätten, this also applies for Delphi.


Groundwork and construction work will at times entail disturbances in the form of noise and limited accessibility for cars. Pedestrians and cyclists heading for buildings in the area may at times be directed to use another route via a nearby courtyard.

There will be heavy traffic on both Kämnärsvägen and Magistratsvägen.


If you have any questions about the project, please contact the Building Project Manager Erik Andersson at +46 46 19 15 25 or at

Latest update April 5, 2023