Move out

Here you can find important move-out information e.g. cleaning, inspection and returning the keys. Thank's for staying with us and good luck with your move!


You terminate your housing on Your pages. The notice period can not be shortened, termination always takes place at the end of a month. This means that if you want to move out at the end of June, you must terminate your contract at the latest on May 31 if you have one month's notice. If you have two months' notice, you must terminate your contract at the latest on April 30.


When you move out, AF Bostäder will inspect your apartment. Contact your caretaker in advance to book a time for inspection, you find the contact information on Your Pages. Due to the ongoing spread of infection and the need for increased caution, we ask you to be available by phone but not participate in the inspection. 

You cannot stay in the student housing after the inspection, since we must ensure that the housing is in good condition when the next student moves in.

If you have removed equipment, such as furniture, interior doors, cupboard doors, or hardware (hinges, doorknobs, etc.), they must be replaced before the inspection. You must remove any stickers or tape. Holes in the walls should be repaired professionally. Ask your caretaker for instructions, at fault reset occurs debit.

We use an inspection check list for the inspection, it includes amongst others, the following checks:

  • that inventory items, equipment and surfaces (i.e. floors, cupboards, doors) are not damaged or missing
  • that any renovation or repair performed by the tenant has been done professionally
  • the living environment of the room/apartment (i.e. ventilation, dampness)
  • electrical and fire safety, water damage
  • if there is any need for maintenance
  • that everything is thoroughly cleaned and tidy

If you decide not to book a time with your caretaker, then the inspection will be performed after you have returned your housing keys to Service Centre. Any damage found or unapproved cleaning will then be charged to you. The inspection check list and cleaning check list show what the charges are for.

Tenant responsibility

According to the Landlord and Tenant act § 24 (hyreslagen), you are responsible for taking good care of the apartment and associated rooms. Such rooms can be storage areas, balconies, common areas such as kitchens and corridors, etc. Taking good care means in plain text: cleaning, being careful, keeping tidy and avoiding any damage. If we discover during inspection that this is not the case, you will be liable for repair of all damages and we will charge you for the costs involved in restoration.

Clean thoroughly and save money!

You must clean your housing before moving out. According to the tenancy agreement, the next tenant has the right to move into a thoroughly cleaned apartment. If the apartment has not been properly cleaned when you leave it, we must charge you for the cost of professional cleaning. Cleaning charges are currently 370 SEK – 3500 SEK (reservation for price changes) depending on the extent of the cleaning required. Examples of cleaning costs: cleaning floor drain 370 SEK, cleaning kitchenette 1810 SEK.

You can find more information on moving out cleaning here. Please use this cleaning checklist so you don’t risk missing anything.

Recycle furniture, electronics and clothes

Do you need to get rid of furniture or electronic waste before you move? Leave it at your bulky waste station. You can leave clothes in the clothing container. Find your nearest bulky waste station on the housing area map.


All keys that belong to your housing should be returned to Service Centre, Tunavägen 39, Sparta, no later than 12:00 on the official move out date (see confirmation of notice of termination). If you want to return your keys after office hours, you can leave them in the letterbox outside the Service Centre, Sparta. Put the keys in an envelope with your name and address on it.

For the safety and security of our customers, we always change/flex the lock cylinder if at least one apartment key has been lost. The loss of cylinders, keys and tags is always charged to the contract holder. Replacement/flex of an apartment lock cylinder costs 1200 SEK and the loss of a tag costs 200 SEK. If the keys are returned to late, that is later than 12:00 on the official moving out date, we will change/flex the apartment lock cylinder and charge the moving-out tenant for this.

Remember to return all keys that belong to the housing. Besides the housing keys and key tags, there can be keys to the window locks, storage room or keys to dead locks. 

Move out before the contract has expired

Are you planning to move out on an earlier date than the contract termination? Print out and fill in this form if you accept that the new tenant can move in during your period of notice. Service Centre will inform the new tenant if it is possible to move-in earlier. Note that you are always responsible for paying the rent until your contract has expired. You also must return the keys to Service Centre.

New address

When you move, you must notify the Swedish Tax Agency to get the correct address in the Population register. Make your notification in advance or at the latest one week after the move. The Swedish Tax Agency distributes your new address to many authorities and companies. If you want to forward your mail from the old to the new address, you can order this service at ”Svensk adressändring” for a fee. 


Do you have your own contract for electricity supply? Remember to terminate it at the latest 30 days before your move otherwise you will end up paying for the next tenants electricity consumption. Termination is done most easily at

Taking over furniture and other items

If you agree with the incoming tenant on taking over furniture or other items, we require that you submit a signed transfer agreement. The agreement must be handed to your Caretaker before the inspection. If we do not receive such an agreement and furniture/inventory items are left in the apartment at 12.00 on your moving-out date, then these items will be removed and we will charge you the costs involved.

Moving vehicle

Vehicle traffic is not normally allowed in the housing areas, for everyone’s benefit. During moving in and out, temporary active loading and unloading are permitted. Somebody must be at your vehicle every 10 minutes. Note that parking on fire access roads is always prohibited.


Most of our student housing have their own bicycle rack. Remember to remove your bicycle (and any lock) from the bicycle rack when moving. If you don’t want to keep the bicycle, you can either sell it or give it away, or leave in the bulky waste station.


Have you rented a garage or parking space under cover via a special agreement? Terminate your agreement with Carpark's customer service in Malmö. Phone: 0771-96 90 00.

Inspection of storage area

If you have a specific cotract on a storage area,  see further information on your termination confirmation.


Do not turn the elements off. Let the heat be on for the next tenant.

Latest update March 12, 2020