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Move out

Here you will find important move-out information e.g. cleaning, inspection, and returning the keys. Thanks for staying with us and good luck with your new accommodation!


You can terminate your contract on Your pages. The notice period can not be shortened, termination always takes place at the end of a month. This means that if you want to move out at the end of June, you must terminate your contract at the latest on May 31 if you have one month's notice. If you have two months' notice, you must terminate your contract at the latest on April 30.

Book an inspection

When you move out, your accommodation will be inspected by the caretaker. The accommodation is to be emptied and move-out cleaning is to have been done. An inspection takes about 30-60 minutes and we suggest that you are present. If you choose to be present at the inspection, you have the opportunity to remedy minor noted issues, which otherwise may incur a charge. Book an inspection in good time before you move out. Remember that you cannot stay in the accommodation after the inspection has been carried out.

Clean thoroughly and save money!

Make sure that your move-out cleaning will be approved by cleaning according to the checklist. If the cleaning is not sufficient, we will charge you the cost of fixing this. If you don't have time to (or don't want to) clean yourself, you can hire a cleaning company. On the Swedish Tax Agency's website, there is information on what applies to being entitled to a 50% RUT deduction.

Recycle furniture, electronics and clothes

Do you need to get rid of furniture or electronic waste before you move? Leave it in the bulky waste station. You can leave clothes in the clothing container

Return all keys on time

All keys relating to your housing should be returned to Service Centre, Tunavägen 39, Lund. Put the keys in an envelope with your name and address and leave them in the mailbox. Envelopes are available on the site.

For the safety and security of our customers, we always change/flex the lock cylinder if at least one apartment key has been lost. The loss of cylinders, keys and tags is always charged to the contract holder. Replacement/flex of an apartment lock cylinder costs 1400 SEK and the loss of a tag costs 200 SEK. If the keys are returned too late, which is later than 12:00 on the official move out date, we will change/flex the apartment lock cylinder and charge the moving-out tenant for this. 

Consent for moving in earlier

Are you going to move out earlier and want the next tenant to have access to the accommodation during your period of notice? For moving in earlier to be possible, the following points need to be fulfilled:

Remember that you are responsible for everything concerning the rental contract up to and including the last day of the contract period. Any compensation for rent is regulated between you and the next tenant.

Make address change

In Sweden, everyone who moves must report the move and register at the new address. The correct address is necessary when you apply for housing allowance and for the mail to arrive. Make a free move application on the Swedish Tax Agency's website, and you will get the correct population registration address.

Terminate electricity contract

If you have a separate electricity agreement (that is, electricity is not included in the rent), please terminate it to coincide with the same date your lease agreement is terminated. You are responsible for maintaining the electricity subscription throughout the entire lease period.

Transfer of furniture, fittings and equipment in connection with moving

If you have agreed with the next tenant that you will leave some of your furniture or other equipment, you should sign the form Transfer of furniture, fittings and equipment in connection with moving (pdf) and give it to your caretaker before the inspection. If the caretaker does not receive such an agreement and furniture/equipment are left in the apartment at 12:00 on your moving-out date, then the items will be removed and you will be charged for the moving cost.

Moving vehicle

Vehicle traffic is not normally allowed in the housing areas, for everyone’s benefit. During moving in and out, temporary active loading and unloading are permitted. Somebody must be at your vehicle every 10 minutes. Note that parking on fire access roads is always prohibited.


Most of our student housing have their own bicycle rack. Remember to remove your bicycle (and any lock) from the bicycle rack when moving. If you don’t want to keep the bicycle, you can either sell it or give it away, or leave it in the bulky waste station.


Do not turn the elements off. Let the heat be on for the next tenant.

Rent payment reference

Please remember to print out your contract and an account statement that shows how you have managed your rent payments. Most landlords specifically request this.

Latest update March 27, 2024