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Student dorm

Are you looking for a fun, social, and safe living in the midst of Lund student life? Then we can recommend living in a student dorm. For those who want to achieve good results in their studies and find lifelong friends, it is the perfect place to stay.

A student dorm can also be known as a student residence hall, dormitory, or as we call it in Swedish "corridor". Below we will refer to this type of student accommodation as a corridor.

Living in a corridor will give you a thousand wonderful moments and many happy memories that will give you life-long enjoyment. This is where life takes shape, relationships begin, families and companies are started. This is where student events are organized, where parties are planned, and where the best ideas for student shows and carnivals are born. It has been said that if you have never lived in a corridor, then you have never studied for real. So, this you don’t want to miss out on.

A student corridor is not always a corridor

The “corridor” part of the name comes from the fact that the rooms are often in a shared corridor with a kitchen and a communal area at the end. These days, corridor accommodation can take any one of a number of different forms. Sometimes the apartments have been placed around the shared spaces and at other times they are on different levels. No matter what the layout looks like, the name “corridor” is still used.

Corridor contacts

Most student dorms have a corridor contact, who welcomes new tenants, makes sure everyone knows the house rules, takes responsibility for issues that affect everyone in the corridor, and is the corridor's representative. Read more about corridor contacts here.

Shared responsibility

Staying in a corridor is not just about having fun. You have more obligations compared to students living in their own accommodation, and the caretaker makes regular inspections in the corridor. Everyone who lives in a corridor has a shared responsibility to keep the common areas tidy and clean.

  • Weekly cleaning: Selected kitchen guards are responsible for each week's cleaning, for example. take out the trash and clean the floor. Cleaning Schedule. Weekly cleaning. Waste sorting.
  • Semester cleaning: At least once per semester you must clean extra thoroughly (in May and December). The cleaning is inspected by the caretaker. Semester cleaning.
  • House rules: Follow the house rules and contribute to the well-being of your corridor. House Rules.
  • Report an error: You must report any errors in common areas e.g. blocked kitchen sink or vermin. Fault report.
  • Fire safety: Do not store any objects in the corridor. In case of fire, go to the collection point according to the evacuation plan located in the corridor. Fire safety.

Age limit for corridor rooms

Further to requests made by tenants, AF Bostäder has introduced an age limit of 35 years for corridor rooms. However, tenants who reach the age of 35 years during their tenancy are not affected.

Available corridor rooms

Here you can find the corridor rooms that are available right now.

Latest update December 23, 2022