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We have storage for rent in all sizes, in good locations in Lund. You do not have to be a student, everyone can join!

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We have storage for rent in the following student housing areas in Lund:

  • Vildanden, Ällingavägen 1-24
  • Sparta, Tunavägen 39-47
  • Delphi, Magistratsvägen 55
  • Kämnärsrätten, Kämnärsvägen 17-55
  • Magasinet, Spolegatan 13 (entrance from Carl Bernlunds gata). 
  • Parentesen, Södra Esplanaden 30-32

See the map at the bottom of the page.

Rent a storage

You will find available storage on the website. The first one to book storage online may rent it, as long as the credit check is accepted. Booking storage does not affect the queue time in the housing queue. We only rent out storage to private individuals (not companies).

The storage keys can be picked up on the first weekday of the month between 14:00 - 16:00 at the Service Centre (Tunavägen 39 C, Lund). If the 1st is a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, the keys can be picked up the following weekday. It is not possible to access the storage earlier.

Access to storage is usually 24/7, but on Tunavägen 39 C (Sparta) accessibility is limited to 07:00 - 20:00.

Storage of personal belongings

The storage units are intended for storing regular belongings such as suitcases, furniture, and moving boxes. Flammable materials, flammable liquids, gas canisters, and explosive substances must not be stored in the units. Avoid placing moisture-sensitive items directly on the floor.


As a tenant, you are always responsible for damage that occurs to someone else's property as a result of storage in violation of applicable rules and regulations. Damage is regulated by the tenant's insurance company. This also applies if the damage originates outside the store, for example in the event of a water leak in adjacent areas. Contact your insurance company before renting storage, it is not certain that ordinary home insurance applies.


When parking, AF Bostäder's existing parking spaces must primarily be used. It is (with the exception of Sparta) allowed to drive on paved surfaces to the storage for unloading and loading. To avoid inspection fees, this may only take place for short periods and the tenant must be at the vehicle at least every ten minutes. Never park on a fire escape route.

At Vildanden, storage rooms are located inside the housing area, but it is not possible to drive all the way to the storage.

Storage areas


Latest update May 24, 2024