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Sustainability policy

The sustainability policy acts as a guiding framework that describes how AF Bostäder’s sustainability management work is to be conducted. We strive for long-term sustainable development by working in a systematic and targeted way in all parts of our operations.

Our definition of sustainability

AF Bostäder is to act responsibly by developing and managing student housing with consideration for social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

Social sustainability

AF Bostäder is to strives to take long-term corporate social responsibility (CSR) and social responsibility for both customers and employees. In order to contribute to the development of social sustainability, we will:

  • Offer a secure and welcoming housing environment based on good quality and service.
  • Be a value-creating workplace with a good work environment for our employees. 
  • Encourage innovative thinking and dialogue with our stakeholders. 
  • Affirm people’s equal value, diversity, and gender equality in all parts of our operations.

Environmental sustainability

AF Bostäder is to take responsibility by limiting negative impact on the environment and climate. In order to contribute to the development of environmental sustainability, we will:

  • Minimize emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • Minimize energy consumption.
  • Minimize the generation of waste by reusing and recycling resources. 
  • Offer a housing environment that provides inspiration and conditions for sustainable choices in everyday life.

Economic sustainability

AF Bostäder strives to be a resource-efficient, responsible actor with a long-term perspective. In order to contribute to the development of economic sustainability, we will:

  • Responsibly manage assets and create a long-term basis for operations.
  • Purchase goods and services according to environmental criteria. 
  • Conduct operations using good business ethics and counteract corruption.

Latest update June 5, 2023