AF Bostäder's Board of Directors define the long-term strategic directions for AF Bostäder, such as expansion and financing. The Academic Society's Board of Directors elects all members of AF Bostäder's Board, except for the staff representative.

Pehr Andersson

Chairman, Financial advisor

Pehr works for the city of Malmö. A a student, Pehr was elected curator of Malmö nation and general of Lundakarnevalen. Pehr studied law at Lund University.

Eva Leire

Vice Chairman

Eva is the Head of the Department of Technology and Society, Lund University. She has a CI of Chemical Engineering and is a Lecturer. She is elected via the board of The Academic Society where she is the Chairman.

Maria Sander

Board member, Secretary

The residence representative (bostadsombudsman/bomb) is a student who works full time as a student elected representative in our business. The bomb is appointed on a yearly basis by the general council with representatives from all the organisations within Studentlund, and is a Board member and Secretary in AF Bostäders Board.

Johan Tollgerdt

Board member, Legal Advisor

Johan is a lawyer at Lindahls advokatbyrå in Malmö. He studied law at Lund University.

Mathilda Helander

Board member

Mathilda is the elected Executive Director of the Academic Society and a board member of AF Bostäder.

Suzanne Böhme

Board member, union representative

Suzanne works with Economy/Finance at AF Bostäder. She is the staff representative, elected by the Union.

Patrik Lundberg

Board member

Patrik works at Skanska with project development. He studied Lantmäteri at Lund University.

Julia Carldén

Board member

Julia Carldén has been the chairman of Kuratorskollegiet (the student nations' cooperative body) and foreman at Östgöta nation. She studied Service Management at Lund University.

Johan Rogberg

Board member