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Food waste

Edible food, of course, belongs in the stomach. The rest should be sorted into the brown food waste bag to be transformed into biogas and biofertilizer.

YES: Fruit- and potato peels, fish- and seafood scraps, meat bones, coffee filters, and tea bags.
NO: Plastic bags, cat litter, dog poop bags, chewing gum, potted plants, soil, popsicle sticks, cigarettes, and snus. Remember, plastic doesn't belong in food waste!

What happens to your collected food waste and what is slurry? Watch the video above to follow the journey from food waste to biogas.


  • To avoid overflow, fold down the edge along the line on your food waste bag.
  • To keep the bag dry, place a piece of kitchen paper at the bottom.
  • You can find new food waste bags at your waste station or in the bulky waste station.

Latest update April 5, 2024