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Replumbing and bathroom renovation at Delphi

Starting in autumn 2020, the bathrooms in all the corridor rooms at Delphi are to be renovated. The renovation work covers new plumbing systems, improved ventilation, and a complete renovation of bathrooms. New, faster broadband will be installed at the housing at the same time.


  • Autumn 2020: Pilot project in building 55 B right.
  • February 2021: Start of the main project.
  • The project will run until 2025 and be implemented in stages. Each stage consists of half a building and each stage will take about three months.


In order to offer a maintained high-quality standard of housing, the tenants concerned are to be moved permanently to comparable housing. When it is time for the renovation work to start, all the tenants involved in the stage in question will move to the housing that was renovated in the previous stage. The move is permanent and is done in this way so that everyone on a corridor moves to a new shared corridor. Information is sent to the tenants concerned approximately 6 months before the move.

Ongoing project

  • Magistratsvägen 55 NA/NB left

Corridors with new replumbing systems

  • 2020: Magistratsvägen 55 B right
  • 2021: Magistratsvägen 55 L left and 55 K left

Stages and preliminary times for moving:

Stage Address Time Move to
3 55 NA/NB left September 2021 55 K left
4 55 C left December 2021 55 NA/NB left
5 55 L right March 2022 55 C left
6 55 H left June 2022 55 L right
7 55 C right October 2022 55 H left
8 55 K right 2023 55 C right
9 55 NC/NB right 2023 55 K right
10 55 H right 2023 55 NB/NC right
11 55 X left 2023 55 H right
12 55 Y left 2024 55 X left
13 55 B left 2024 55 Y left
14 55 Y right 2024 55 B left
15 55 F right 2025 55 Y right
16 55 U right 2025 55 F right
17 55 X right 2025 55 U right
18 55 F left 2025 55 X right
19 55 U left 2026 55 F left

The project in detail

The plumbing systems at Delphi are beginning to show their age and must be changed to avoid the risk of leaks. The old pipes will be replaced by new ones. At the same time, bathrooms will be entirely renovated with tiled walls, new porcelain, and heated towel rails. The housing will also have new fresh-air intakes and an improved indoor climate. In connection with the renovation work, all the broadband cables will be replaced and performance will be considerably enhanced. During the renovation work, water and wastewater systems will be shut off. Bathrooms and walls will be pulled down for the installation of new pipes and cables. Decontamination work may also be involved. As the work is so extensive, rehousing is necessary.


The work is noisy at times and this may also be heard from nearby stairwells. All AF Bostäder renovations are carried out with the greatest possible consideration for the tenants’ housing quality.


If you have questions about the project, please contact Therese Månsson + 46 (0) 46 19 15 81,

Newly renovated student dorm at Delphi

Latest update September 20, 2021