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Bulky waste

As an extra service, we accept bulky waste i.e. all space-consuming household waste that does not fit or can't be recycled in the regular waste station i.e. furniture, lamps, kitchen ware and Christmas trees. We also accept electronics, light bulbs/fluorescent lamps and batteries.

Find your nearest bulky waste station on the housing area map.

NOTE! Sort clothes in the clothing containers.

Bulky waste stations

  • Residents on Kämnärsvägen: Gröna rummet (the green room) on Kämnärsvägen 23, 39 and 55
  • Dammhagen, Gylleholm, Parentesen: Södra Esplanaden 32
  • Delphi: Between Magistratsvägen 57 E and H
  • Klosterängen: There is no bulky waste station, contact your caretaker if you have bulky waste
  • Magasinet: Spolegatan 13
  • Marathon: Gröna rummet (the green room) next to the underground waste system (UWS)
  • Sparta: Tunavägen 41
  • Studentlyckan, Vegalyckan: Between Råbyvägen 15 F and G
  • Tomegapsgården: In the waste station at Tomegapsgården 15. If you have large furniture, please contact your caretaker
  • Ulrikedal: Gröna rummet (the green room) on  Ulrikedalsvägen 8
  • Vildanden: Gröna rummet (the green room) on Ällingavägen 11

Latest update October 5, 2021