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How to defrost the freezer

Defrosting the freezer regularly is a good idea for several reasons: your food keeps longer, your freezer will be in good condition and you save electricity. Yes, and the inside of the freezer will be a lot fresher, of course. It’s also a good opportunity to clear out food that is past its expiration date.


  1. Turn off the freezer and leave the door open.
  2. Empty the freezer. Put the frozen food items in the fridge (preferably with ice-packs) or in the sink.
  3. Place a towel on the floor in front of the freezer and put out an oven tray or other shallow vessel that the meltwater can flow into. Keep an eye on the thawing and empty the vessel regularly.
  4. Never chip the ice away, you may damage the freezer.
  5. When all the ice has gone, wash down the freezer and sealing strips using lukewarm water and washing-up liquid, and dry off thoroughly to avoid the build-up of new ice.
  6. Wash up the freezer drawers and also dry off these thoroughly.
  7. Close the door and turn on the freezer again at -18°. Wait for a while and then
    put back the drawers and frozen food items.

Latest update February 29, 2024