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The caretakers are at your housing area weekdays 07:00-16:00, to help you with everything concerning your student housing. 

Their tasks include repairs, inspections, maintenance, care, and supervision of issues concerning the external and internal environments.

Fault report

Do you have a problem in or near your housing? Make a fault report. If there are disturbances, please contact your caretaker, preferably while the disturbance is in progress. Contact information can be found on Your pages.

Fault report evenings, holidays, and weekends

Urgent damage during evenings and weekends that cannot wait until the next working day such as water leaks, flooding, totally blocked toilets, dangerous electrical faults, or disturbances, please contact the Securitas on-call property service (Fastighetsjouren) +46 (0) 30 74 26.

Emergency? Call 112

In emergencies such as fires, ongoing break-ins, and assaults, or to call an ambulance, dial 112. In non-urgent situations, call the police on 114 14 (without area code).

Latest update February 25, 2022