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Payment methods

The rent can be paid via direct debit (autogiro), e-invoice or bank giro.

Please note: Do not use Revolut when paying your rent by bank transfer. Payments made by Revolut are not identifiable and may result in late fees, unless you have sent us a receipt of your payment.

Direct debit (autogiro)

To pay the rent via direct debit, you sign up via your bank. When registering, you are asked to state, among other things, a “payer number”. This is your customer number. You can find your customer number on Your Pages and in the rent notification message. Once you have registered to pay via direct debit, it may take up to one month before the direct debit comes into effect. The direct debit is shown to be in effect when the rent notification states that your rent is paid via direct debit. Until then, you must pay your rent in the usual way.

The money is debited from your account on the last weekday of the month. The amount is reserved from your account the day before. There must be sufficient funds in the account when the amount is to be reserved. If funds are insufficient, there will be no direct debit and the rent will not be paid. Rent will only be debited for the months you are liable to pay for according to your contract (9 or 12 months). When you move to other housing within AF Bostäder, the direct debit follows automatically and you are not required to take any action.

Do you rent a storage unit with AF Bostäder and want to pay the rent via direct debit? In that case, you report it to your bank following the description above. If you are a residential tenant with AF Bostäder and already pay the rent via direct debit, the storage unit rent will also be automatically debited through direct debit.

E-invoice/electronic invoice

To pay the rent via electronic invoice – e-invoice – you sign up via your bank. When registering, you are asked to state an OCR number. You can then choose an OCR number for your housing. When you have registered to pay via e-invoice, your first e-invoice will be received when the next rent is due to be paid.

You then receive the rent bill as an e-invoice to your internet bank. When you are to pay your rent, you open your e-invoice on the bank’s website. All the necessary information is already filled in: payment recipient, payer, giro number, amount, payment date, OCR number etc. All you need to do is confirm the payment.

Bank giro

To pay the rent via bankgiro, you use the bank giro number and OCR number on your rent notification on Your Pages.

Payment with credit card at Service Centre

In addition to the existing payment methods, AF Bostäder offers the convenience of paying your rent with a credit card at our Service Centre. Find the Service Centre's address and current opening hours here.

Latest update May 2, 2024