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Marathon marathon

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. Once again, AF Bostäder and LUGI Motion invite you to Lund's most Lund-style marathon! On Saturday, 16 September, 300 students will run from Marathon, along a distance of appx 5 km, and back to Marathon for the finish line.

We will be running a raffle with great prizes for all those who make it to the finish line, and of course, there will be a special prize for the best fancy dress outfit – don’t miss that contest!

The race is free for members of Studentlund and LUGI Motion. The start line has space for 300 students who will each receive a function T-shirt. Register now (see link below) to secure your place in the race.

So, put on something smart, funny, or creative, get out there and run, cheer on your friends, and fill Lund with joy.

About the race

  • When: Saturday 16 September 2023 at 2 pm.
  • Where: Marathon, Tunavägen 33
  • Start: 2 pm (no timekeeping). The warm-up with LUGI Motion starts at 1:45 pm.
  • Finish line: Same place as the start.
  • Distance: About 5,3 km (track extension)
  • Cost: Free for members of Studentlund and LUGI Motion.

Register for the race Marathon marathon! (REGISTRATION IS CLOSED)


Please contact us if you have any questions, at

(Below is a film from the premiere of the Marathon marathon race in 2019, when the race started at Marathon and finished in Athen in Lundagård.)

Latest update October 12, 2023