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Here is info for you who are a lodger or are having a lodger in one of AF Bostäder's student apartments.

Our student housing is intended to accommodate a certain number of residents. In order for our student corridors to function and to fulfill the safety regulations, only one person is permitted to live in a corridor room. Two adults are permitted to live in our one-room apartments (i.e. an apartment with one room and kitchen) for the same reason. If you have an apartment, you have an option to permanently share it with a friend or partner. You do not need to inform AF Bostäder about who your lodger is.

Apartment for friends

In recent years, AF Bostäder has built a large number of apartments for friends, i.e. apartments that are ideal for friends to share. The friends must be Lund students and members of Studentlund. 

An apartment for friends is a regular apartment. But, the unique aspect of an apartment for friends is that it is optimally adapted for friends to share. In most cases, 2-3 friends live together, but there are also larger apartments of this type that are shared by four friends. The bedrooms are equally good (including storage) and the friends share the kitchen and bathroom.

Whose name is on the contract?

AF Bostäder signs a contract with one Lund student (contracting party) who in turn rents out to one or more students (friends) depending on the size of the apartment. In a legal sense, the friends are living there as lodgers.

What are the rights of lodgers?

The regulations of the Tenancy Act relating to the protection of tenancy rights do not apply to lodgers. If the shared accommodation arrangement does not work out for some reason, the friends can thus be compelled to move. If instead, it is the contracting party who is to move, the friends must also move. As a lodger, it may be possible to take over the contract – if the shared accommodation arrangement has existed for at least 18 months. In this case, an application for the transfer can be submitted to AF Bostäder.

The rent

Regarding the rent for an apartment for friends, the contracting party is fully responsible for fulfilling the contract with AF Bostäder. If you share the rent, the friend’s share is to corresponds with the proportion of the accommodation to which they have access.

Charging the lodger an excessively high rent is not permitted and in some cases is a punishable offense. There is also a considerable risk that the tenant will lose both the accommodation and queue time.


The contracting party is responsible for the condition of the apartment regarding the contract with AF Bostäder. However, the friends who live together clearly have joint responsibility for cleaning, waste sorting, etc.

Only the contracting party can deal with certain matters

The contracting party needs to handle matters regarding the housing, such as:

  • Booking laundry times via Your Pages: Friends can always book laundry times on the booking board using their key tags.
  • Reporting faults via Your Pages. 
  • Housing information: The contracting party needs to inform the friends about important housing information, for example, information in emails from AF Bostäder.
  • Door phone: Certain door phones are connected to the contracting party’s mobile phone. In this case, it is only the contracting party who can open the entrance door via mobile phone.
  • Rent payment reference: Only the contracting party can get a rent payment reference.

Latest update December 5, 2023