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The rent

A substantial part of your student finance is spent on your housing costs. Remember to always pay your rent on time – otherwise, you risk losing your queue time, contract, and the chance of getting an exemption from the housing list and rental conditions.

The Tenancy Act states that the tenant is to pay their rent unprompted and in advance, at the latest by the last weekday of the preceding month. 

Rent notifications are sent via email – no printed payment notification slips are sent out. Current payment information (e.g. amount) is accessible about one week before the end of the month on Your Pages.

There may be a delay of one working day before the payment is registered on our website. The fastest way to check whether the rent has been paid or not is to check via your internet bank.

Remember to always pay the rent on time! Unpaid rents or repeated delays will result in the contract being terminated. Tenants who are late with the rent more than once, lose their queue time and can not stand in the housing queue again. Delays and dept collection demands (inkasso) also mean that it is not possible to apply for an exemption from the study and membership requirement or sublet your home.

Please note: Do not use Revolut when paying your rent by bank transfer. Payments made by Revolut are not identifiable and may result in late fees, unless you have sent us a receipt of your payment.


Latest update May 2, 2024