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Residence representative

At AF Bostäder, there is a residence representative (bostadsombudsman), shortened "Bomb", who serves as the elected representative for students. The Residence Representative is appointed annually by the board of Akademiska Föreningen (AF) and works full-time on various student and housing-related issues.

The role of The Residence Representative is to act as an independent link between AF Bostäder and student life, ensuring that students' interests are considered. The Residence Representative serves as a member and secretary of AF Bostäder's board and participates in executive meetings. Additionally, the Residence Representative is a member of the Akademiska Föreningen's board and part of the Akademiska Föreningen's presidium. During their time at AF Bostäder, the Residence Representative has the opportunity to get to know the company from within, delve into student and housing-related matters, and engage in various projects.

Feel free to contact the Residence Representative at Information about the current Residence Representative can be found on our board pages.

Latest update March 12, 2024