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Instructions how to sort cooking fat

Don’t leave fat up to fate!

Collect your cooking fat and there will be no fat in the wastewater system and no stoppages in the pipes. Do the right thing – send the fat for recycling and it will be converted into biofuel.

This is how you should sort your cooking fat. 

Small amounts of cooking fat

Wipe off the fat with household paper before washing the frying pan. Throw the household paper into the food waste bag.

Large amounts of cooking fat

  • Get a fat funnel (for free) in your waste room/bulky waste room.
  • Screw the fat funnel onto an empty plastic PET bottle and secure the cap inside the funnel's lid.
  • Pour left-over and cooled cooking fat/oil into the bottle.
  • When the bottle is full, screw the cap back on.
  • Leave the entire bottle in the container for cooking fat/oil in the waste room/bulky waste room.
  • Reuse the fat funnel on another plastic PET bottle.

Here you can find containers for cooking fat

  • Delphi: at the waste station (UWS) on Magistratsvägen 55 F and NB
  • Kämnärsrätten: in Gröna rummet (the Green room) on Kämnärsvägen 39
  • Marathon: at the waste station (UWS)
  • Sparta: at the waste station (UWS)
  • Ulrikedal: in Gröna rummet (the Green room) on Ulrikedalsvägen 8
  • Vildanden: at the waste station (UWS)

Latest update February 16, 2024