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How to fix a clogged toilet

If the toilet is clogged, try to fix the problem yourself using the step-by-step instructions below. If this is not successful, submit a fault report and ring your caretaker.

What you need:

A plunger, toilet cleaner and a toilet brush.


  1. Please note – if the water rises in the toilet, do not try to flush again before the water has drained away, otherwise it could overflow. If flushing does not help, or if the water does not drain away, proceed to point 2.
  2. If the water has drained away sufficiently, so there is space in the toilet, fill a bucket with water and a little washing-up liquid. Pour the water into the toilet quickly, so that pressure is created. Wait several minutes. If this is successful and the toilet is no longer clogged, the problem is fixed. Otherwise, proceed to point 3.
  3. Ensure there is water in the toilet, then press the plunger down towards the stoppage and pump up and down. The suction that arises may unblock the stoppage.
  4. If none of the above works, submit a fault report and ring your caretaker.

Latest update February 29, 2024